Linnaeus Soil Testing

"Understanding the vast kingdom
beneath our feet is the first step
in building healthy, carbon-rich
soil and healing landscapes."


Linnaeus provides the full range of traditional soil diagnostic testing that identify the type of microbiological communities that are active in soil and give an indication as to the health and management of a particular soil.

Linnaeus also holds the exclusive license to provide Microbe Labs soil analysis testing in New Zealand. This unique service allows measurement of microbial diversity in soils, and the direct relationship that microbial populations have on soil health. The presence and balance of populations of particular species of microbes can directly impact the ability of soil to undertake certain functions imperative to plant growth and health. This information is invaluable when making treatment and management decisions: applications in nutrient accessibility, cycling and solubilisation, residue breakdown rate, disease and drought resistance, water logging and compaction, nitrogen and phosphorous cycles, and mycorrhizal activity.


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Types of Soil Testing include: