Linnaeus is a world-class, state-of-the-art laboratory, providing clients with a broad range of diagnostic testing and R&D in the areas of plant, soil, water and food health/quality. Based in Gisborne and with its origins in grapevine health certification, Linnaeus is now home to a team of highly trained professionals across these four key areas.

Recently acquired Hydro-Technologies has enabled Linnaeus to provide the East Coast region with a range of services in the areas of water and food quality, including environmental monitoring, irrigation, industrial waste and microbiology. Permanent staff at Hydro-Technologies have been retained and will form a key part of the core Linnaeus team.

Our new website, with the full spectrum of our services, will be launched shortly. In the interim, please contact Linnaeus Technical Director Dr Alvaro Vidiella for further information. Contact people for our Hydro-Technologies clients remain the same - Karen, Brenda & Dion, but they will be based at 4, Banks Street, Gisborne. 

Hydro-Technologies acquisition press release

Contact Linnaeus today to discuss your specific diagnostic requirements. 0800 254 662